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Walter Café

We all love our lake walks, taking in the picturesque views of the iconic Canberra landmarks as we sip our daily brews. Well, Walter Café has recently opened and it's the perfect new go-to for your next brunch date. Located at Regatta Point in Commonwealth Park, with sweeping views over our iconic Lake Burley Griffin - we're telling you... what else is better?

Walter Cafe located in Canberra
Image: Pew Pew Studio

Actually, we may stand corrected. Pair the location and views with delicious menu items boasting with variety, from the Alaskan Crab Omelette to the Ricotta Hotcakes - it's guaranteed you'll be wanting to pencil in a few more catch-ups to try everything on their menu.

And, don't forget the bevvies! Walter also serves a range of teas, coffees and local wines. So if you're not a caffeine lover (we aren't judging) then you'll still have a unique variety of drinks to choose from.


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