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Rich Cheesy Goodness: Basque Burnt Cheesecakes!

Who's a lover of cheesecakes? And, even better basque burnt cheesecakes with amazing flavours baked right here in Canberra by Daisy, from The Bakeology.

So, what is a burnt cheesecake you say? Burnt cheesecake is very common and popular in Asia. In Hong Kong, you're able to get it in many different renditions (there are so many variations and flavours).

Daisy (owner of The Bakelogy) loved to enjoy burnt cheesecake, realising Canberra is missing something good. She began baking them at home and started sharing them with friends who slowly became our most loyal customers since they all fell in love with it. Daisy wanted to share the amazing taste of these cheesecakes with the Canberra community, and The Bakelogy began!

We asked Daisy what her favourite flavour to make was.

"Honestly, we love making all the flavours on our menu, they are all so unique and special to us, but when it comes to our favourite flavour it was really tough to pick. But, we'd have to say it is our signature original burnt cheesecake. We totally fell in love with the caramelised exterior and creamy rich cheesiness, we’ve put some raspberries and blueberries on top to get the finishing touches on it."


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How to order: Send a message to @thebakeology.cbr with your pick-up date and flavour. Please keep in mind, orders need to be placed 2-3 days in advance.

Instagram: @thebakeology.cbr


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