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Monster is making its pledge to the veg, permanent!

Following the roaring success of Ovolo's Hotel's global ‘Year of the Veg’, the global hotel chain are taking it one step further with ‘Plant'd’ by Ovolo – their promise to continue serving irresistible cutting-edge vegetarian cuisine that packs a punch, permanently.

Monster new Plant'd

So, the chops have got the chop and their kitchen is full of plant power! They want to celebrate creative vegetarian cuisine - introducing their Plant’d Hero Dinner Series - a bold new way to experience your greens.

Across three evenings, core vegetables and transform into innovative dishes that will intrigue guest with every bite.

First in the series, they are exploring all things fungi with Magnificent Mushrooms. Over a five-course, meticulously crafted menu by Executive Chef Matthew Bentley, the Monster will take your senses and taste-buds through a journey of flavour.

“The Hero series is all about showcasing one particular vegetable and bringing it into its own, well- deserved limelight. Mushrooms are incredibly exciting as there is a such a huge variety of fungi available in Australia. Their meaty, earthy and umami flavours are sure to delight and I, for one, cannot wait to showcase to Canberrans how creative you can actually get with them.” - Executive Chef Matthew Bentley

For the evening, Monster will partner with Majestic Mushrooms to showcase some of the best local produce from the Canberra region.

Canberra restaurant Monster
Image: Supplied

Quench your thirst with shroom-inspired drinks - Eclectic cocktails will be made using Life Cykel Medicinal Elixirs, a liquid mushroom extract, to add an extra kick to the experience.

The Plant’d Hero Series invites all vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians to enjoy vegetables in ways they are yet to imagine - and it all begins on May 4 at 6:30pm.


it's the details.

Where: Monster Kitchen & Bar Cost: $139pp with alcohol or $109pp non-alcoholic option Book: Secure your space here.


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