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Karen's Diner is coming to Canberra

Ok.. sit down and shut up! Karen's Diner is on tour and they're coming here to #Canberra. The pop-up will be coming to Clubhouse Kaleen, expect plenty of sass, great food and a hefty sprinkle of bad attitude.

Trust us, it'll be an unforgettable experience - the food is great, and the service ungrateful. Don't expect to be treated with any special treatment, think all things Karen. She won't be taking any of your nonsense. Wind up the staff, unleash your inner Karen and don't forget to speak to the manager.

Vegetarians, vegans, other annoying dietary requirements & non alcoholics will all be catered for but don't expect Karen to be happy about it.


it's the details.

Where: Clubhouse Kaleen, 16 Georgina Crescent

Hours: 17 March - 19 March 2023 Price: $43pp + booking fees


it's social.

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